How much room will I need for the inflated jumping castle?

Our  castles vary in size and specs are listed on our site. We require a  minimum of 100cm (1m) from the back and sides and 150cm (1.5m) from the  front. There needs to be at least 90cm clearance between access path  without any obstructions such as air conditioner units and water heaters  in the way. The area must be a clear flat surface.

What time do you drop off and pick up the castle?

We arrive before and after your scheduled party time. The castle will take approx. 20 mins to set up / pack up.

Which payment methods do you accept?

A  $50.00 deposit via credit card or bank transfer is required when  booking. The remaining balance to be paid in cash to the operator upon  delivery. Hirer must have a valid licence or photo ID with name and  address on it on day of hire.

What power is required?

A  power point (240volt) should ideally be available within 25 metres of  the jumping castle. This is the absolute maximum distance (25 metres)  before you will require a generator (or further cords) at your own  expense.

Are you insured?

Yes,  we have Public Liability Insurance of up to $10,000,000. Contact us if  you require a copy of our certificate. All of our staff have a Working  With Children Check.

What are your safety requirements?

You  are required to sign a legal waiver which clearly outlines all rules  for the duration of the castle hire. We also require your credit card  details to cover any unexpected damages or cleaning fees.

How far does the castle need to be from any walls, tree branches or nearby structures?

We require a minimum of 100cm (1m) from the back and sides and 150cm (1.5m) from the front.

Are your products safe?

All  equipment is manufactured, operated and maintained in accordance with  the Australian Standard which is the most comprehensive standard in the  world. Party Time Castles always operate within requirements of this.

Are your castles clean and in good condition, and are customers responsible for any damage or cleaning of the castle after use?

All  our jumping castles are cleaned and in top working condition. Customers  are responsible for any damage to the castle caused by misuse or  negligence and damage charges apply for the cost of repairs. Our jumping  castles are professionally cleaned and disinfected weekly. Customers  must check that the castle is in a clean state prior to pick up. An  additional cleaning fee of $50 may apply if the jumping castle needs to  be additionally cleaned after your hire. You are not bring anything into  the jumping castle that may cause damage or mess. The main things are:  shoes, sharp objects, streamers, silly string, children with face  painting, food and drinks. All of those things will damage the castle in  some way (staining or tearing the vinyl). Please be very careful as you  will be charged for the cost of any repairs.

What is your policy for damaged products?

You break it, you buy it : )

Can we move the castle?

No.  You cannot move the castle once it has been installed. If you require  it to be moved, a member of staff must move it and this may incur a  cost. The contract is made void if the castle has been moved. Meaning  you won’t be covered by our public liability insurance and will be  liable for all fees and claims that arise.

Do you refund if bad weather?

In  severe weather conditions where the operator determines the castle can  not be inflated upon arrival due to safety concerns, a full refund will  be given.

Little girl in party dress on jumping castle


Our delivery area reaches throughout Western  Sydney - from the lower Blue Mountains to Blacktown & Castle Hill,  from St Clair to Richmond.